Laugh Until My Head Comes Off (lordsebastian) wrote in sparkle_robbie,
Laugh Until My Head Comes Off


SOOOOO Friday,

i was wondering what we were going to do when i heard that St.Joe is having a Coffee House with local bands and mmm...private school boys. i think i am ready for another boyfriend...and i really want one hehee. Then Conor and Carmen sugguested Snow Play, and i think that's brillant, I really need a run around. So Snow Play/Tag/running around at 3:30-ish my place. The coffee house doesn't start until 8 and goes to 11, maybe we can look around for a ride to one or both of those runs to St.Joe. If you don't want to go meet sweaty horny private school lads.. that's ok too, you can just go home after our romp.
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