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apparently i got a rather interesting response to my rebutal, i didn't even know he still wonder how i was as much as i wondered about him, or maybe he was just seeing if he struck a nerve, which he did sucessfully, the rebutal had been a good-bye to myself and to that piece of my life, but of course i have done nothing but think about it now. i never got to read the response. i feel rather bad about the whole thing, to let such a beautiful thing sour. i was so psycho and childish sometimes in those days . i guess i can make a learning experience out of it. i am so sorry malone if you are still bothering to read this for any of my horrid tirades, it was only pure weakness. i will remember our time fondly and with only a hint of heartbreak. i hope you feel the same way sometime soon. i had always loved you even if i had a bitter way of showing it, that boy from the summer was so moral and pure and if that is still you, then i can say you are a good lad and will sincerely wish you the best of luck. Who knows maybe i will see you driving around cork one day on your Ninja sport-bike. all the best without bitterness. comment if you see this so that i can go about the process of deleting all my old lj's and spare you whatever grief it may cause you. this will be the last you hear from me unless you make any effort to find me out. tootles.
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