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Acid Crotch

Friday night was awesome, the st.joe coffeee house ended up being pretty cool, and we met this kid Allender and his hetreosexual life mate John. Allender looks like he should be in the smiths or some other jangle pop band. i also met this kid kaufman..he's a nice guy and sparklemotion. I also re-met Nate all the way from the tomb of winters past, he is also sparklemotion. the reds and eric myles and scott-bandy thing were awesome, but when this horrid coverband came on we staged a protest and only returned to the theatre when this blonde kid sang "I believe in a think called love" by The Darkness and he hit all of the notes beautifully. after the other band came back on, we left for an epic quest to Chef Paulinos to see this kid Joey (i think his last name is delfico) and we stayed there forever and had a lovely time (i sense a new posse with allender john christian edmund and katherine). conor carmen and i watched some movies and slept until around 1 today. we spent today the way weekend should be spent, doing nothing...actually we did something we ate, slept and watched tv and in about an hour christian is pick us up and we are going to see Hide and Seek, i hope it is as scary as the changeling...Dakota Fanning all goth is pretty scary though, so i have high hopes.
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