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people should tell me things about other peoples xangas it just makes me want to read them LOL

I didn't find this I came up with it on my own.

Dearest Malone,

   We loved each other but now it's over. Please don't let your Peter Pan syndrome invade my life anymore I have some stuff I was going to bring by to you, but now I guess I will let it burn and fizzle out. Your spring years were mine too, don't be so vicious and cruel as to demand new ones and discredit ours. I understand I changed and was no longer the little girl, but a willful academic which you could not love. Your drinking was a disgrace and was my rediculous way of handling it. You see I was still a girl in many ways and mature in others.
   You must try and enjoy your childhood while it lasts, that is true, but when you have to struggle to hang onto it and toys are vodka and girls, you know it might be time to let it go, not grip it tighter until all of the joy is gone and you are left a hollow shell of what once was.
   I had almost blocked you completely out, until people im me saying don't get mad about ... something or another you would have done to hurt me. It would phase me more often then not, but this is a good bye letter to that part of myself and to you... I don't know who "you" are anymore so I am not even going to try to hurt you and you know I can bring the heat.
   You've had your fun at my expense and it is now my job to wish you luck in all future indevours but not be a loathesome wanker about what happened before.

Your Once Beloved Mick Lady,


P.S. : Just Kidding... But Not Really ... But Seriously you're a wanker

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