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A Life in Full

January in Review

1. Music : Echo and the Bunnymen and the "In Good Company" soundtrack
2. Person: Carmen (for starting the year off awesome with her New Year's Party)
3. Place : Birmingham, Alabama (cause I went there)
4. Bad Things : Dr.Faustus essay and my lack of a thesis, people jacking my memories (see previous entries), not caring about people who i should care about, walking home in the snow, school work, writer's block, ms.hamill being a douche, lack of excercise while in Alabama, being sick and making an ass of myself while talking to ex-douchenozzle, having to peer coach pippi (it might go ok though), growing older.
5. Good Things : Soccer Fridays, In Good Company , 1980 VW Westfalia, new day glo chucks and bigger boobies, vacation, snow, seeing the Vulcan (i laughed for about an hour), being inspired by my oral history project, joining the knitting club randomly, exercise, delicious buffets, chatting with someone i have never met for epic hours (the (in)famous irish commie), talking to Mrs.Harrer, going to towson and keeping my cool , spending the night at jon's and going to the Nautalis Diner at 1 am with Kelsey and towson posse, movie night(s)with conor, finally another B on a euro test, health class, getting new classes, new layout, Huff, Garden State, Dr.Strangelove.
6. Rating (1=worst ever 10= best ever): 5
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