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Always Hated Him for the way he looked in the gaslight of the morning [entries|friends|calendar]
Shell Shocked

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[30 Jan 2005|04:58pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

for past loves lost only , its civil and heart felt please read itCollapse )

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Acid Crotch [29 Jan 2005|07:43pm]

[ mood | content ]

Friday night was awesome, the st.joe coffeee house ended up being pretty cool, and we met this kid Allender and his hetreosexual life mate John. Allender looks like he should be in the smiths or some other jangle pop band. i also met this kid kaufman..he's a nice guy and sparklemotion. I also re-met Nate all the way from the tomb of winters past, he is also sparklemotion. the reds and eric myles and scott-bandy thing were awesome, but when this horrid coverband came on we staged a protest and only returned to the theatre when this blonde kid sang "I believe in a think called love" by The Darkness and he hit all of the notes beautifully. after the other band came back on, we left for an epic quest to Chef Paulinos to see this kid Joey (i think his last name is delfico) and we stayed there forever and had a lovely time (i sense a new posse with allender john christian edmund and katherine). conor carmen and i watched some movies and slept until around 1 today. we spent today the way weekend should be spent, doing nothing...actually we did something we ate, slept and watched tv and in about an hour christian is pick us up and we are going to see Hide and Seek, i hope it is as scary as the changeling...Dakota Fanning all goth is pretty scary though, so i have high hopes.

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people should tell me things about other peoples xangas it just makes me want to read them LOL [28 Jan 2005|12:17am]

[ mood | sinister ]

I didn't find this I came up with it on my own.

the rebutal to a letter which was brought to my attentionCollapse )

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[27 Jan 2005|11:15pm]

1. What Sport am I?
2. What Political Figure am I?
3. What's my age again?
4. What T.V. show am I?
5. What interjection am I?
6. What's my rapper name?
7. What food am I?
8. What Era am I?
9. What lyric would you use to describe me?
10. Which dead beat celebrity am I?
11. Which Muppet am I (fragles count)?
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Picking the Feelings I like [27 Jan 2005|03:47pm]

Jacked from Conor... don't tell me what you think I want to hear, but what i am rather.

1. What color am I?
2. What season am I?
3. What song am I?
4. What movie am I?
5. What actor am I?
6. What actress am I?
7. What band am I?
8. What article of clothing am I?
9. What kind of shoes am I?
10. What country am I?
11. What city am I?
12. What book am I?
13. what character from a book am I?
14. what character from a movie am I?
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Team Mascots for Friday [27 Jan 2005|12:30am]

It's a battle of the Sven's... a rumble from the eastern block

battle of the svensCollapse )
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Friday [26 Jan 2005|11:59pm]

SOOOOO Friday,

i was wondering what we were going to do when i heard that St.Joe is having a Coffee House with local bands and mmm...private school boys. i think i am ready for another boyfriend...and i really want one hehee. Then Conor and Carmen sugguested Snow Play, and i think that's brillant, I really need a run around. So Snow Play/Tag/running around at 3:30-ish my place. The coffee house doesn't start until 8 and goes to 11, maybe we can look around for a ride to one or both of those runs to St.Joe. If you don't want to go meet sweaty horny private school lads.. that's ok too, you can just go home after our romp.
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mao mao [26 Jan 2005|10:59pm]

and if your friends don't dance...Collapse )
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sexy sadie..oh where have you gone [26 Jan 2005|10:18pm]

almost there yetCollapse )
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[26 Jan 2005|10:13pm]

partying like rock starsCollapse )
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[26 Jan 2005|10:06pm]

Hooligans UniteCollapse )
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Happy Australia Day! [26 Jan 2005|08:23pm]

new classes... hmmm....

good courses, but i feel like such a loner. english still hasn't gotten any better, still a loner ..ghay.

here's how my day looks :

AP American Government
AP English - A
Peer Coaching- B
AP European History
Enviromental Science

AP Euro is my only awesome class with any of my friends in it, but lunch is awesome.

It's Australia Day in England, when they invite all of the exiled criminals back into the country for a beach party in Trafalgar Square...why doesn't Russia do that? or bring the beach party to Siberia.
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i wish i was a gay man ... [26 Jan 2005|08:18pm]

Take the quiz: "Which Queer Eye Guy Are You?"

You are Ted! You're a wizard with a whisk, a master with a meat cleaver and a king in the kitchen. And you rule it well. Also an expert on utensils and cookware, you know exactly the right dish for every occasion. You're so useful, everyone wants you around the house!
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[25 Jan 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Ok, I just got done watching the scariest movie EVER!!!


Everyone must see it, but not at a party, by themselves. So brillant. I have never been that scared before in my life.

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[25 Jan 2005|04:56pm]

[ mood | blah ]

in response to Phrancis' Mr.Mo mascot for the biscuts ... i have found some rather odd team names from Southern Universities

...they play their arch rivals the Aunt Flows SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!


more on this topic later

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Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow [25 Jan 2005|01:31am]

[ mood | amused ]


- Love the Mean People

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Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fucker [24 Jan 2005|10:06pm]

[ mood | too awesome for civility ]

I have never been this much of a cockmaster or this angry before... it's very awesome feeling, i feel so free. i figured it was about time to say what i meant and not worry about the outcomes. i am tired of feeling guilty and so i decided to take action! it was a rather amasing moment of pure wrath and spite , the irish temper all guns blaring, no prisoners would be taken. i half feel bad about berating others,but damn it it's what i felt so i am going to say it.

Here's to flushing civility down the toliet.

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[25 Jan 2005|01:02am]

[ mood | angry ]

Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself


brought to you by People Against Cockmasters of America

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A Life in Full [24 Jan 2005|08:49pm]

[ mood | awake ]

January in Review

1. Music : Echo and the Bunnymen and the "In Good Company" soundtrack
2. Person: Carmen (for starting the year off awesome with her New Year's Party)
3. Place : Birmingham, Alabama (cause I went there)
4. Bad Things : Dr.Faustus essay and my lack of a thesis, people jacking my memories (see previous entries), not caring about people who i should care about, walking home in the snow, school work, writer's block, ms.hamill being a douche, lack of excercise while in Alabama, being sick and making an ass of myself while talking to ex-douchenozzle, having to peer coach pippi (it might go ok though), growing older.
5. Good Things : Soccer Fridays, In Good Company , 1980 VW Westfalia, new day glo chucks and bigger boobies, vacation, snow, seeing the Vulcan (i laughed for about an hour), being inspired by my oral history project, joining the knitting club randomly, exercise, delicious buffets, chatting with someone i have never met for epic hours (the (in)famous irish commie), talking to Mrs.Harrer, going to towson and keeping my cool , spending the night at jon's and going to the Nautalis Diner at 1 am with Kelsey and towson posse, movie night(s)with conor, finally another B on a euro test, health class, getting new classes, new layout, Huff, Garden State, Dr.Strangelove.
6. Rating (1=worst ever 10= best ever): 5

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[24 Jan 2005|03:58pm]


what a whore.

new girlfriends shouldn't be able to jack pictures taken by ex-gfs and ex-gf's house. those are my memories and no one should be able to take them!

Fuck you Caroline Cook! Someone else should post a nasty comment, cause i couldn't bring myself to do it.
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